Founded in 1962, the CIHEAM is a Mediterranean intergovernmental organization devoted to the sustainable development of agriculture and fisheries, food and nutrition security and rural and coastal areas.

It is composed of  13 member States (Albania, Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey) and operates through its 4 Institutes based in Bari (Italy), Chania (Greece), Montpellier (France) and Zaragoza (Spain) and the Headquarters based in Paris.

The CIHEAM collaborates with several international and regional organizations.

Texts of Constitution of the CIHEAM

Mohammed SADIKI is the President of the CIHEAM Governing Board and Pl├ácido PLAZA the Secretary General.



  • We believe that a UNITED MEDITERRANEAN is possible, where sustainable development and territorial cohesion are the seeds of social stability and inclusive growth
  • We support MULTILATERAL COOPERATION in the Mediterranean through specialised training, networked research, scientific diplomacy and political partnerships
  • We are working to contribute to REGIONAL STABILITY, food and nutrition security for the daily life, health of populations, protection of the environment and to an effective access to the job market of the Mediterranean youth
  • We strongly believe in INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE and promote the benefits of DIVERSITY. Several nationalities and religions coexist within CIHEAM. This intermingling of cultures encourages curiosity, tolerance and openness between individuals
  • We also believe in KNOWLEDGE SHARING and in the enhancement of links between knowledge and development needs
  • We develop our actions within an ACCOUNTABILITY framework and they are implemented through a result-based management approach

To learn more about our missions and values, discover the CIHEAM Strategic Agenda 2025


The Governing Board

The Governing Board is the managing and decision-making body, the Governing Board consists of one representative from each of the 13 member countries.

Representatives of the OECD and the Council of Europe are ex officio members, who sit on the Board in an advisory capacity.

The President of the Board is elected by a 2/3 majority of its members for a period of 4 years. The President is assisted by Vice-Presidents elected for the same period by the same voting procedure.


The CIHEAM Headquarters

Based in Paris, the Headquarters is the pivotal element of the operations. Its role is to facilitate, coordinate and implement work by the different organs of the organization.


The CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institutes

The 4 Institutes CIHEAM-Bari, CIHEAM-Chania, CIHEAM-Montpellier and CIHEAM-Zaragoza are where most of CIHEAM's educational, research and cooperation work is carried out.


The Scientific Advisory Board

The Committee consists of a number of eminent figures appointed for a period of 4 years by the Governing Board. They are "chosen, in particular, from among members of establishments for higher education in agriculture and of agricultural research institutes" (article 5.1 of the 1962 Agreement). It gives its views on questions put to it by the Governing Board.


It all began in 1962...

Our organization has crossed the last five decades without losing view of the ambition of stronger cooperation in the Mediterranean.

Since 1962, we work for bringing together people and ideas