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Workshop “Coastal Sustainable Territories Management and Blue Community Development” - From “Share-Blue” Italian Project towards Go-Blue EU Programme | CIHEAM Bari – Outpost MARE, 23-28 October 2019

23 October 2019


Following the discussion held in Kenya between CIHEAM Bari and JKP, the two organizations have jointly identified, among several issues, the need of strengthening the knowledge of the six Kenya Counties’ decision-makers concerning coastal areas’ potential as well as key development strategies to be fostered.

The workshop will be the occasion to trigger a joint discussion on how to enhance Kenyan Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development in collaboration with Italian stakeholders who belong to territories and communities targeted by coastal development interventions. The knowledge acquired through the visit and the brainstorming with both stakeholders and sector experts will make the delegation oriented towards the finalization of the EU Go-Blue program. Particular attention will be given to the creation of new economic opportunities through the implementation of a multifunctional approach.


The aim of the workshop, developed in the framework of the Share-Blue project, is to share and transfer knowledge to Kenyan high-level decision-makers on sustainable management of coastal territories and blue communities’ development through the discussion of Italian experiences.


The workshop will involve Italian experts who could share their own experience to create a joint Italian-Kenyan development vision. The discussion will be focused on innovative and concrete coastal experiences, such as:

  • Small scale fishery management and processing

  • Multifunctional development of fishermen community

  • Incubation and startup development for rural and coastal management enterprises, to foster youth and women social inclusion

  • Environmental coastal management

  • Rural development and policy planning for land and coastal territories

  • Illegal fishery inspections and control

  • Networking activities to attract eventual investors & partners

Organizational aspects

The workshop is developed in collaboration with experts belonging to Italian Institutions and Administrations (Ministries of Environment, of Agriculture and Fishery, Universities, Research Centers), Industry and Trade associations (Federpesca, Fishery Districts, Italian Alliance of Cooperatives and AssoIttica), Environmental and Cultural associations, and so forth.

The workshop will be partially held at CIHEAM Bari campus and its branch office located in the coastal municipality of Tricase as well.


The workshop is addressed to 14 Kenyan officers (6 Counties deputy directors, 6 high fishery officers and 2 officers of the Coastal Economic Block-JKP).