CIHEAM Bari Documentation Centre Newsletter No. 6/2019 (November/December)

20 January 2020

In this issue, focus on: “Tutto Bio 2019” a cura di Rosa Maria Bertino, Achille Mingozzi e Emanuele Mingozzi, 25a edizione by Bio Bank; "FAO Caring about plant health”, “FAO’s resources on climate change” and “FAO Empowering young agri-entrepreneurs”, highlights by FAO.
In press review, focus on: “IFLA strategy 2019-2024” and “IFLA trend report 2019 update” by IFLA.
Latest additions to the library’s collection of books and articles: CIHEAM Bari Organic Agriculture Library and CIHEAM Bari library. FAO Repository Library: new releases.

CIHEAM Bari Library Newsletter No. 6